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Hope in Mozambique
Registered Charity No 1120095

Who ever

welcomes one

of these

little children

in my name

welcomes me

Mark 9:37 



 2_boys.jpgWelcome to Hope in Mozambique (HiM). 

HiM was registered in June 2007 with the British Charity Commission No. 1120095.

Our aim is to help the poor, orphans and street children of Mozambique find hope and a future. We want to give hope for a new life to the next generation.

In order to achieve this we have put together a team in the UK to raise the profile of HiM, fundraise and administer the accounts of HiM. In Mozambique we work with local pastors, missionaries and various agencies. George and Jill Nuttall are the founders and principal contacts in Mozambique.

We have a base at Matola Ria (suburb of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique) which comprises of a 3 bedroom house and two African style roundhouses, which can accommodate short term helpers and visitors.  Our vision is to see many young people helped through to further education in order to provide for themselves; we want to help people have micro-businesses; help the destitute have a home, food,clean water; help families stay together.   

Will you help us fulfil our vision?





Our Base at Matola Ria

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Every 14 seconds Aids turns a child into an orphan - almost 20 million of these live in Africa
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